Ultimate Frisbee done right = Cotton Kills

Some awesome snippets from a recent email from my new boyfriend, Stephen:

Well, it isn’t exactly jogging but I captain an Ultimate Frisbee team named Cotton Kills and our uniforms are denim.  The more the better.  Overalls, cutoffs, dresses, hats, we have all varieties.

Our undefeated team is rejecting technical fabrics in lieu of good old fashioned denim ’cause it looks and feels right.

Our motto: Wool chafes, polyester smells, Cotton Kills!

TeamThe dog!
Cotton Kills reminds me so much of the dodgeball team I featured before: Dodgin’ in Denim. Don’t you think?

The girl running in jeans isn’t the terrible part.

Running Costumes with Denim – Man Taking Shower

To see all of the past running costumes with denim, click here.

Running Costumes with Denim – Pippi Longstocking


Running Costumes with Denim – Nerds

Running Costumes with Denim – Where’s Waldo?


The only thing harder than running in jeans…

…is running in jeans and stilettos. Not men this time but ladies! Click pic for source.

And I knew if I looked long enough, I’d find one where some poor girl is doing a face plant on the concrete. Fortunately, there are jeans in the picture as well so I can justify posting it.

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