4 months, 123 pictures, and 20,000 views!

JoggingJeans.com was started just over four months ago as a JOKE – a joke between me and my dear husband. Today, the same week of the four month anniversary, JoggingJeans.com received its 20,000th view. 20,000 times someone has wanted look at pictures of people jogging and exercising…IN JEANS!

I have something to say to all of you:  I love you and I thank you. I love you because it is heart-warming that you enjoy the ridiculous of it all along with me. I also thank you because you do the heavy work – you are taking the photos and sending them to me. Your pictures, comments, and emails bring joy to my life. [Hugs.]

To recap the past four months, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite pictures that you have sent and my favorite posts:

THE greatest jogging in jeans “footage” in existence.

JoggingJeans ♥ Sean Hutchinson

He did WHAT in jeans?

No need to stage an intervention YET.

A jort-themed 5K! A jort-themed 5K!

A runner IN JEANS and IN HEELS!

Bravest submission to date

JoggingJeans.com and LifeIsSavage.com sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

“But, Officer, we always jog in jeans with construction materials in our arms.”

Race number, check. Running shoes, check. Purple sparkly leotard, check. Jeans, check.

Running in a denim jacket ← a favorite only because of the BEAUTIFUL man in the photo. Hubba-hubba.

Chuck Norris kicks ass IN JEANS

And since everyone asks, here is the description of the moment that the idea for JoggingJeans.com came into existence:

My husband and I were waiting for the start of a Pittsburgh 5K that started on the Clemente bridge (I think it was the Pittsburgh Charities 5K Home Run). There was a guy in front of us, stretching and looking as if he was preparing to run IN JEANS. We said to each other, “What the heck!?” and “He HAS to be here just waiting for the start of a race with a ‘real’ runner, right?” When they guy turned around and we saw the race number pinned to his shirt, we started laughing. I said, “I wish I had a camera.” My husband said, “That would be a good idea for a website – people could send in pictures of people running in jeans.” A few months later, I pulled some pictures off the web and started it just a joke between the two of us. The next thing I know people were submitting photos, Runner’s World was linking to it, and here we are 20,000+ views later.

So to the man, in jeans, stretching and preparing to run the beautiful North Shore of Pittsburgh on that April morning, this blog came about all because of you! [Hug.]

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