Fabulous jorts man

Sometimes I find GREAT pictures on Twitter and wish I had more details about them. A perfect example:

Anyone else have the urge to propose to this fabulous jorts man? Okay, how about the urge to slap that snob look off 164’s face?

UPDATE: Guess who that is? Danny Disco/Dukes/Denim/Dapper sans costumes. Mind. Blown.

THE greatest jogging in jeans “footage” in existence.

If this guy looks familiar, it is because I featured him before. So now we know that Gabe (of BHGP, Iowa Hawkeyes fan fame) ran at least two Colfax Marathons in aviator sunglasses, knee socks, and those infamous jorts…all while chugging a beer.

Seriously, People, how awesome is that animated gif?

Gabe, if I wasn’t already married AND you weren’t drinking a Keystone (bleh), you would have a marriage proposal from me TODAY.

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