A way to ease into jogging in jeans

Not sure if jogging in jeans is right for you? Here is a way to ease into it:


MileyAll we need is for Miley Cyrus to go for a run in these badboys and she will be the OFFICIAL poster child for jogging in jeans. ‘Cause she already did it once. Oh wait, twice.

The most awesome/ridiculous denim-running pictures we’ve seen so far

Happy New Year!! My 12 days off work, 12 days of unrestrained junk-food eating, ten days without mascara, four full days completely unplugged, six days with <20 minutes of internet/phone, and hours of relaxing and working out were WONDERFUL. But, I’m glad to be back – I’ve missed all of you.

I thought that a good way to start off 2013 would be to share with you some of the most awesome/ridiculous (depending on your camp) denim-running pictures we’ve seen so far here at JoggingJeans.com:

I look forward to what 2013 will bring!

Miley, Miley, Miley…(sigh)

Minga alerted me to the fact that Miley is up to her old jogging in jeans antics. Seriously, Miley? We can excuse it once…but not twice:

A big thanks to Kleph @StrideNation who also sent the link to me – still loved even though a day too late to get first mention. 😉

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