Reason #87 why Chicago is awesome

I am a fan of Chicago and could easily rattle off the 87 reasons why I like it there. But since I know you really don’t care, I will save you needless scrolling and get right to the new reason that was added to my list.

87. Chicagoans, when given the chance, will run in denim.

Evidence is in last month’s Chicago Monster Dash.

Not sure if this is a costume or just a super-cool dude running in jeans:


Not sure if this is a costume either, but running in a dress and a denim jacket equals a whole lot of love from me:


Adorable. No additional words needed:



Running Costumes with Denim – Man Taking Shower

To see all of the past running costumes with denim, click here.

Running Costumes with Denim – Despicable Me Minions

Popeye runner IN JEANS

Thanks for joining me in a week-long of adventure of race costumes that involve jeans.

I saved my favorite jean-costume for last. I LOVE the muscular, tatooed forearms, the can of spinach, the pipe…brilliant.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Cowboy runner IN JEANS

We will continue all week with jean-clad runners dressed in costume. First is another “cheater” with protection under his denim, but I love his outfit anyway! And another cowgirl. YeeeHaaa!

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