NSFW: What can I even say?


End-of-Year Miscellaneous Funnies

People often send me funny pictures of people exercising who aren’t wearing denim. To bring the year to a close, and as an end-of-the-year present to you, I thought I would share some of them.



DressThanks for visiting and loving me in 2013. Happy New Year!

Shirtless jort jogging

Guys, ever wonder about the REAL rules to running shirtless? Look no further – the full guide is hereShirtless





The “+ More”

Thanks to everyone that weighed in on my Mad Men question. I started season 2.

NSFW: Topless Women Running IN JEANS

Thanks, Friends, for all your kind birthday words.

What better way to start off the third year of this website than sending some inappropriate nudity to you during work hours?


Of course this was taken at Bay to Breakers. Did I even need to say that? Whether or not these girls ractually ran or just walked the race is unknown – but the bib pinned to jeans qualifies them for a post here.

Also, don’t do a Google Image search with “Bay to Breakers” and “nudity.” Just don’t. Trust me.

Shirtless buff guys IN JEANS

Part of me says, “Finally! An excuse to post pictures of shirtless buff guys on my site.”

The other part of me says, “What the hell kind of gym lets people workout shirtless and IN JEANS?!”




If you missed my previous post that had shirtless men in it, you can catch it here.

A guide to running shirtless

Attention, Runners, here is a handy guide for when it is and is not okay to run shirtless. For the ladies, shirtless is defined as a sports bra only.

1. It is NEVER okay to run shirtless in a gym. Unless it is a home gym in your basement.

2. If you have a smokin’ hot body, you can run shirtless outdoors.

3. If you don’t meet the qualifications of #2, you can run shirtless out of dire necessity (bloody nipples, overheating).

4. During races you can do whatever you want. The less clothes the better…the distraction does everyone a little good.

Glad I cleared that up, huh?

Thanks to @jhubes21 and @TheDolceDiet for these shirtless jean-jogging photos posted on Twitter:

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