Jean jogger and “legend”

I’ve been hearing about a guy named Ninjah who is considered a legend in Llandaff, Cardiff. And, you guessed it, he jogs in jeans. @Sioned_Clwyd was able to get his picture and provided a link to an article about this very interesting man.


$410 of $1000 raised!
A big big BIG thanks to the following Supporters of Denim for a Cure:
Mary Long, Sellersville, PA
Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
And all those who donated!
(You can be on this list by donating and then sending me an email telling me that you did –
Tip: You know how we are supposed to surround ourselves with good people in the hopes that we can learn from them and their goodness will rub off on us? Well, you just looked at a list of four individuals that aren’t just good people but are AMAZING people – each has contributed a bit of their hard-earned money to a guy they don’t even know in support of his efforts to honor his mom. Please click the links to their blogs. Get to know them. Your life will be better because of it. And until Mary starts a blog, you’ll just have to take my word for it that she is SUPER amazing. Donate to Denim for a Cure by clicking here.
Read more about the campaign here. Read more about Josher Hanson, the guy that will be running in head-to-toe denim, here.

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