If you wear flip-flops at the gym, I might hate you…

…and secretly wish you would drop a weight on your foot.




No to skinny jeans in the gym

Because sometimes text isn’t enough and you need pictures with Xs and check marks:

When you go to a gym make sure you also wear the right kit, there is nothing worst than seeing people in the gym wearing inappropriate gym gear. Ian Allen gives his advice:

“Clothing conducive to exercise, permits a full range of movement at all working joints (i.e. no jeans). Should cover torso and pelvis (i.e. not topless). Demonstrates personal health and safety (i.e. no flip flops) and hygiene (i.e. clean, no bare feet) requirements.”

Below is an example of how not to dress and how to dress for the gym:

The post also has a hysterical video about gym etiquette. It cracked me up. I love these guys.

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