Don’t laugh at old people who jog in jeans.

Old people who jog are awesome no matter what they wear. Don’t laugh at them.

My Valentine

Cutie-old-man-in-jeans-at-the-gym love combined with book-reading-nerd love:



In case you have been going through cutie old guy withdrawal…

…like me, here is one for you. LOVE HIM!

Thanks, @AwesomeWalter for the picture.

Two pictures from the UK this week!

A big thanks to Sarah, runner and author of the blog The World according to Sog, who snapped the following picture of a guy jogging in jeans during the Stanley Park 10K in Blackpool, UK on March 3, 2012.


Josher’s mom’s surgery is April 9th. If you are of the praying kind, please say one or two or twenty or a hundred for her.
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And the others who donated!
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Read more about the campaign here. Read more about Josher Hanson, the guy who will be running in head-to-toe denim, here.

Holiday gift for me: jogging in jeans action figure

I found this drawing during a random “jogging in jeans” Google search.

It cracked me up (no, I’m not drunk). I subsequently wasted more hours than I wish to admit looking at Ted McCagg’s website filled with drawings of such silliness that my laugh lines are a full eighth of an inch deeper, I’m sure. He is brilliant, clever, and can make anything funny.

Don’t laugh at old people who jog in jeans

Old people who jog are awesome no matter what they wear. Don’t laugh at them.


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