Teen heartthrobs IN JEANS at the gym

Justin Bieber:


And, Young Ones, one of the “Justin Biebers” of the generation before you – meet Jordan Knight:


That is a lot of water for your 45 minute workout

Here are two of my MANY gym-related pet peeves:

1) People that wear jeans in the weight room section of the gym (no surprises there, huh?).

2) Guys* that carry around water in a gallon milk jug.

Today’s picture, thanks to Nikko, captures both.


* I’ve never seen a girl do this. Have you?

“Punking the young folks” IN JEANS


Crowded gyms in January equals oodles of gym clothing atrocities

All of us regular gym-goers have been dealing with it for the past month: the newbies crowding our workout facilities and throwing off our swole rhythm. And we are conflicted. Of course we are happy that people are trying to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Of course we hope some of these people learn to love the gym and make it a regular part of their life. We also love watching them get stronger and transform their sloppy, doughy-bodies into rock-solid temples. But we all feel a bit of frustration when we can’t get to the equipment and machines we need to use.

We also might like to judge their gym clothing atrocities…i.e. jeans in the gym.

The evidence of this is my ready-to-explode inbox and Twitter feed. So many pairs of jeans at the gym. So little time.


Along with today’s jeans-in-the-gym photo, you are going to get a lesson about proper form when doing preacher curls.

Keep your ass on the seat. Class dismissed.


Crowded gyms in January

Before I get to today’s picture, I gotta share that I got an award. JoggingJeans.com made a “Top 100 Running Blogs of 2012” list! #66!

The award is just as much yours as it is mine. Because it is you, the people running races, watching races, in the gyms, and looking out your kitchen windows, that are taking the photos and sending them to me. YOU do all the work. YOU are the reason this ridiculousness is possible. I just sit here, get your emails and pictures, and laugh, save, shake my head, click, click, click, smile, publish. So I thank you and love you all!

Congrats on YOUR award, My Friends!

On to today’s picture. More people in the gym in January = more opportunities for pictures of people working out in jeans. I just buttered you up, so now GET TO WORK taking pictures, People.

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