Don’t laugh at old people who jog in jeans.

Old people who jog are awesome no matter what they wear. Don’t laugh at them.


I apologize by saying, “I’m sorry.”

I think this is the last I-suck-at-managing-my-inbox post (although, if someone out there sent me something and I don’t even know I forgot about it, please let me know. Gosh, I can’t even imagine what old age is going to be like with my memory ALREADY this shitty).

This picture comes from Marilou, LUGS blogger, and was taken at Minoru Park in Richmond, BC. She was walking with her husband and got the urge to go for a jog IN JEANS.


And while I was just going to deliver a heartfelt apology to Marilou, she commented in the post that had my apology to Dan that she wanted a beer. So to Marilou: sorry I forgot about your email and, if you are ever in Pittsburgh, drinks are on me!

Jogging jeans and a jogging sweater

From reader Jim:

“Saw this guy doing laps around Waneka Lake in Lafayette, CO. He was 3.6 miles in when this picture was taken. Ironically in an area known to have it’s fair share of cold winter days, it was about 60F when he decided to bust out the jeans and heavy sweater for his run.”


Denim overalls!

Enjoy this picture taken by Sara, Running My Butt Off blogger:

Remember, Readers, when we had someone (ahem, Craig, friend of Dan) tease us with the possibility of running in overalls? We are still waiting, Craig. We are also still waiting for the race where you, Craig, and your strikingly handsome friend run in jeans together. Wait, I got it! You can do it at the Pittsburgh Marathon next year – May 5th! 😉

…like a denim-toting gazelle.

Let’s face it: there are a bazillion fitness/running/healthy lifestyle blogs out there and most are crap.* But the rare blogs are those that pump out post after post of material that is meaningful, honest, inspirational, and isn’t constant horn-tooting and all “look how perfect everything is in my life.”  You feel me?

One of those blogs that I’ve recently discovered that fits this bill of a quality blog is TriKatyKid. And then, soon after I started following her blog, Katy posted these Tweets and a picture:

Katy said that she is also looking for an opportunity to jog in jeans so lets hope there is another post about her soon!


*If I’m following your blog, you don’t fall into this category.

I need to move to Ohio

If I didn’t love Pittsburgh so much, I could move to the town in Ohio where Kim lives. Remember her? She turned her car around to get a picture of a guy jogging IN JEANS? Well, while I was on vacation, she saw two jean-wearing runners in ONE day!

Outdoor yoga IN JEANS

I have Melinda, author of the blog ThereSheRuns, to thank for today’s pictures. She was walking through a park in Independence, Missouri and saw people doing yoga outdoors IN JEANS.

If you missed the post where I did yoga in jeans, check it out here.


A big big BIG thanks to the following readers who have contributed their hard-earned money to support Denim for a Cure:
Mary Long, Sellersville, PA
Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
Marcie, Dallas, TX
Charla Neuman, Seattle, WA. Author of RunningHaiku
Amy Ambler, Salt Lake City, UT
And all the others!
(You can be on this list by donating here and then send me an email telling me that you did –
Read more about the campaign here. Read more about Josher Hanson, the guy who will be running the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 21st in head-to-toe denim, here.

This pedophobe appreciates teachers

Teachers are awesome for so many reasons. A few of them:

1) Teachers work very hard for very little pay.

2) Teachers deal with a lot of $hit (ahem, Crazy Parents and Budget Cuts, I’m talking to you).

3) Teachers are completely responsible for the lives of scary little creatures who are not related to them for a good portion of their day.

4) A freakishly large number of teachers are fans of this blog. What’s up with that?

As a self-proclaimed pedophobe I REALLY appreciate the work that teachers do day in and day out. So how about showing some teachers (your own or your kid’s) that you appreciate them this week? And then enjoy the picture from Jill, teacher and Whine & Cheese Run Club blogger, that was taken of a guy jogging IN JEANS who she saw at a local park.

Sometimes jogging in jeans is beautiful

Sometimes jogging in jeans is not about hilarity or badass-ness or criminal activity. Sometimes it is about just enjoying the scenery, taking in the fresh air, tying your jacket around your waist, and MOVING – a few steps or a few miles. It isn’t something that was planned but, rather, something that HAD to be done at that moment.

That is what this beautiful picture says to me. Thank you, Meagen, for sending it!

We can get back to laughing at people with my next post.

Don’t laugh at old people who jog in jeans

Old people who jog are awesome no matter what they wear. Don’t laugh at them.


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