2014 = the year of “I suck at running.”

Most of you: “I sign up for races to keep me motivated and on track with my training. I need to have a goal.” [creates detailed training schedule and does a fairly good job of sticking to it]

Me (phase 1): “I sign up for races to keep me motivated and on track with my training. I need to have a goal.” [creates detailed training schedule]

Me (phase 2): “Running feels so terrible. I will wait a bit and begin training closer to race day.” [reworks training schedule]

Me (phase 3): “Why should I be miserable during training runs AND during the race? Why not be miserable just once on race day?” [violently rips up training schedule]

Me (race day): “I hate myself so much.”

If you couldn’t tell, 2014 has been the year of running races untrained. The particular races where I sucked at running? Here ya go:

  • 2014 Pittsburgh Half Marathon (May)
  • Great Race 10K (September)
  • Pittsburgh EQT 10 miler (last week)

In Maybe Marathoner fashion, here is the analysis of the last few moments of last week’s race:Mile9.9But, the good news is that the weight lifter in me has been rockin’ in at the gym. Showing up every morning as the doors are unlocked and bouncing  from my pre-workout drink of who-knows-what chemicals to get started. And then very once in awhile, I get a gym bonus – today’s was seeing this lovely lady in her embroidered-pocket jeans on the elliptical.


He’s “single and ready to mingle”

[hangs head in regret]

It was just recently that I said that I had more jean-jogging boyfriends than I could manage and was forced to ready to share.

[face palm]

Too soon. I said it too soon. And since my word is solid, I won’t go back on it. I’m cool like that. My loss is your gain. My massive loss is your humungous gain.

Meet Brett.

BRETTVEGAS2011This cutie was kind enough to send pictures so we can get caught up on his jort history and take the time to answer a few questions:

1. What on earth gave you the idea to run in jorts in the first place?bolderboulder2010
Back in 2010, I was gearing up to run the BolderBoulder 10K for my first time.  It’s one of the biggest races in the country (50,000 people) and I heard everyone dresses up for it too.  It was the furthest race I had ever run at the time so I didn’t want to get too crazy with the costume.  I had coincidentally just ripped a hole in the crotch of a pair of jeans.  Since I didn’t want to wear those anymore, I thought, “Hey!  I could cut these into jorts and run in those!  That would be funny!”  So I did just that, paired it with a Carrie Underwood shirt I grabbed at her concert (women’s size of course) and ran the course in 51 minutes that year.  So I guess it was a happy pairing of events that led to me making and running in my jorts.
2. What kinds of races have you rocked in jorts?
Thus far I’ve done 10 races (from 5Ks to half marathons). I’m gearing up to do my 3rd half-marathon in Chicago on June 8th and will of course rock the jorts.
3. Do you wear the same original pair for all your races?
I have run in the same pair of jorts since I first made them in 2010 for the BolderBoulder.  Though they do have a hole in the crotch, my compression shorts underneath don’t let anything, ummmm, hang out.  They are a pair of Levi (formerly) Low Boot Cut jeans. They never let me down and honestly I only bust them out when I am getting ready to race.
4. Non-denim runners are always concerned about chafing. However, denim-wearing runners I’ve talked with say that this isn’t the case. What is your experience?
I only chafed during one race and that was my first half-marathon in Las Vegas.  Most of the time, the fact that I wear compression shorts underneath essentially eliminates any risk of chafing at all.  Unfortunately, for the Las Vegas race, my compression shorts had seen too much action and ripped while I was running.  So I basically had my thighs rubbing together for 10 miles and needless to say, the results were painful.  That was no result of the jorts though!  I would live and die by the jorts.  They have pockets for all my goods as well (ID, credit card, phone, American flag, etc.)!
5. You love the weird looks others, don’t you? Admit it.
bolderboulder2013I usually get some cat calls from girls after I run by or varying comments ranging from “Check out those jorts!” to “How the hell can he run in those!?” The looks are typically in the realm of jealousy and confusion as to how I’m flashing right by them.
6. Any other comments about running in denim?
All I can say is I will be sad when this pair of jorts sees the end of its days!  I’ve accomplished so much in them and continually PR!  If you combine jorts with good training and good shoes, you can be unstoppable!
Bonus question: Are you married? I’m asking for all my single viewers.
And I am not married.  I am 23, work at a Denver news station, and do freelance film work on the side.  I am single and ready to mingle. Hahahaha.
Tough Mudder-Electro Shock
There you have it, Girls. Our newest collective crush. Send Brett some JoggingJeans.com love in the comments or via Twitter.
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