Runner’s World – December Issue, Page 80!


[Hi all. I just wanted you to know that I am taking a break until after the holidays. If anything seems insignificant in light of Friday’s events in Newtown, it is these websites. (Best Race Signs and Best Race Costumes have posts scheduled weeks in advance so those will continue.) I’m going to spend some serious time unplugged, focusing on family and friends, an active body, and a quiet mind. Be well. Happy holidays. I’ll be back soon].

Is Runner’s World endorsing jeans for running?! Looks like it!

The covers of Runner’s World Magazine ALWAYS have individuals wearing running clothes:

So you can imagine the PURE ENJOYMENT I got from the cover of the “Special Finishers Issue” for the 2012 Runner’s World Half and Festival:

How awesome is that arrow pointing to Mark Remy‘s favorite pair of running jeans?

My obituary

I warned that if the hysterical Danny character that I “met” through this blog had any more aliases, it would be the death of me.

JillyBean (Birth: May 10, 19-huma-huma. Death: today)

She loved Pittsburgh and looking at pictures of people jogging in jeans. And Dan. Oh, and her husband and family and friends. She was a lover of candy, cupcakes, salty snacks from the “itos” food group*, and anything from the local pizza shop [insert Giovanni’s Pizza logo here]. A Friday night never passed without her putting away a half of an extra large pizza and a side order of cheesy bread. Yet she managed to maintain abs that would make a girl half her age envious. She will be greatly missed by her husband when he runs out of clean underwear, her kitties when they are hungry, her friends when they have no one else to listen to their drama, and her family when they can’t remember something.

*Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos 

At the viewing, forget about the montage of awkward pictures of me at different stages of my life; make sure someone lifts every photo from and plays them instead. Dress me in a sports bra (so that my abs and boobs can be enjoyed one last time), jorts, and running shoes. In my casket, tuck as many Runner’s World magazines that will fit. If anyone starts crying, make sure they get taken out behind the funeral home and beat silly.

The reason for my death: Danny Dapper.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, here are the Dannys that we have met already:

And now Danny Dapper running the Lakewood Meltdown 5K. His gear is a green disco shirt with a matching purple tie, a jean vest, jorts, a denim bucket hat, denim calf sleeves, and the new denim cho-pat for his trick right knee. Watch him cross the finish line at 1:56. Don’t blink.

And since you, Dear Readers, are lazy and wouldn’t click a link even if I really WAS dead, I provided a screen shot for you.

Gotta love him! A lot.

Bart Yasso jogging IN JEANS!

Okay, so it is not real life where Bart Yasso runs in jeans but rather in my fantasy-world. So when I heard about Flat Bart, I knew what I had to do.

First, he needed appropriate running attire. There is a lot of buzz about his big head, but why is no one talking about his stubby, chicken legs? It was near-impossible to get those legs into a pair of jeans!

We were going to go for a run together, but his short legs couldn’t keep up with me (Bahaha!). So Flat Bart hit the treadmill and I hit the streets.

So there you have it – Bart Yasso jogging IN JEANS!

Race costumes that involve JEANS!

If everyone showed me the love and attention that Runner’s World does, I’d be right up there with royalty and celebrities. Seriously.

The love started out with a Facebook post when the blog began. Then a mention on RW Daily. Then came the motherload: a blurb in the April print edition. Then on Friday, truly the icing on the cupcake, RW Daily gave a shout out to my two new blogs. If I didn’t know that I was the biggest dork, I would worry that my head would get big (wink wink, Mark Remy). Instead, I am nothing but honored and humbled and appreciative. I AM bothered that there is no way to give my heartfelt thanks for all the love they have showed this Pittsburgh girl. So, to the viewers, go buy their magazine, run their races, support their advertisers,  and if you happen to know of anyone in the upper-ranks of the organization, give him or her a ‘thanks’ and a hug (okay, guys can give a fistbump) from me.

So…if you haven’t checked out the two links to the right (Best Race Signs and Best Race Costumes), you can do it now. 🙂 I have always been a fan of the RWDaily features that highlight the creative signs and costumes at the major races and thought that it was about time that they were all in one handy place to enjoy. If you have any pictures in your private collections that you would like to share, email them to me at JoggingJeans [@] gmail [.] com.

Yeah, I do have a real job and a life. No, I don’t have time to maintain all these sites. Whatev.

On to today’s post. When I was looking for costume pictures online, I stumbled upon these three pictures that involve jean-wearing runners.

The first is a picture of two super-cuties running Denver’s Scream Scram 5K:

These dudes (dressed at country hicks?) ran the Vancouver Sun Run:

And, finally, these patriotic women ran the Carmel, Indiana CarmelFest Freedom Run in matching overalls:

Runner’s World – April Issue, Page 26!

A runner IN JEANS and IN HEELS!

You would think that the girl who writes this blog would, when she looks at a picture, notice the guy running in jeans. Nope.

It took Susan, author of the blog She cooks, she runs!, to email me this picture of a guy IN JEANS and IN HEELS and point him out to me.

Perhaps, when I first looked at the photo earlier in the day, I was too distracted by the shoulders of the man in the center to notice Mr. BowTie in jeans?

The picture was taken during the 2011 Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Stiletto Run held on December 3, 2011 and was posted on yesterday’s RW Daily feature on the Runner’s World website.

Runner’s World shows a LOT of love. There was love on their Facebook page when the blog began and again this week with an AWESOME mention.

BTW, Mr. SexyShoulders won the Stiletto Run. Does anyone know his name so I can properly stalk acknowledge him?

UPDATE: When looking though the pics of the race, I found another good one:

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