Running Costumes with Denim = Name the costume!

Hello from Las Vegas! I am on vacation.

My tasks for today: hang out at the kick ass pool, stuff myself stupid with delicious food, try not to lose too much money.

Your task for the day: identify this costume for me. A zombie?


Running Costumes with Denim – American Gothic Painting Runners

Looking for more costumes involving denim? Check them out. AmericanGothic

Running Costumes with Denim – Clown Runner


Running Costumes with Denim – Joe Dirt Runner

Once again, I am here to remind you that you can always try out denim-running at a costume race. I will be featuring some new ones this week. You can view the entire collection here.


Popeye runner IN JEANS

Thanks for joining me in a week-long of adventure of race costumes that involve jeans.

I saved my favorite jean-costume for last. I LOVE the muscular, tatooed forearms, the can of spinach, the pipe…brilliant.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Zombie runners IN JEANS

Wayne’s World characters IN JEANS

It occurred to me that some of the readers of might be too young for this reference. If I am describing you, then in the time between now and when you head back to school, watch yourself some…never mind, what am I thinking? You are better off NOT knowing the Wayne’s World catch phrase.

[Is anyone else highly disturbed by the fact that the Wayne’s World movie was in theaters 20 years ago!!]

Cowboy runner IN JEANS

We will continue all week with jean-clad runners dressed in costume. First is another “cheater” with protection under his denim, but I love his outfit anyway! And another cowgirl. YeeeHaaa!

Pioneer runner IN JEANS

In my quest to develop an awesome collection of hysterical, odd, and creative race costumes over at Best Race Costumes, I’ve come across some costumes that involve jeans. I’m hoping these runners are using the jean costume as a trial for future non-costume jean-running. I can dream, right?

We start the week with a guy that Josher told me about: Fast Cory. Here he is dressed for the Pioneer Day Classic 5K with two dress-wearing friends.

And because Cory’s blog is filled with pictures of awesome race jumps, he also gets a post today over at Flying Jump Kicks.

But I am taking away some SERIOUS love points because he didn’t respond to my emails. Cory, you have NO IDEA what you are missing. Just ask Dan.

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