Running Costumes with Denim – Despicable Me Minion

MinionAnd here is Whitney, Racing the States blogger, with two minions at the Halloween Hustle 5K in Littleton, CO:

minionSo many cool ways to pull off a Minion costume. We have seen Minions here before! And again here.


Running Costumes with Denim – Despicable Me Minions

Can we agree that I have enough boyfriends?

I sometimes struggle with race costume pictures that involve jeans. Do they belong here at Or do they belong over at Best Race Costumes?

I didn’t struggle with today’s picture of Jason Peter “Jay” Garrick (aka The Flash) because blogger Greg’s post over at Twenty Six Two Life is just as much about the jeans as it is about the costume:

If you can’t tell from the picture, there is one major setback of this outfit; jeans. Yes, you can look up any picture of Jay Garrick you want and you’ll find the guy is running sub-atomic speed in jeans. What the heck? If a fictional superhero can run around the world in jeans, clearly I can do a simple little half marathon in some, right? It seemed like a good idea.

And a little bit later in the post:

Those damn jeans started getting weighed down in sweat that had soaked it all. Running in jeans was hard enough; gross, wet, sweaty jeans are even worse. It made it hard to get a full stride as the force of the jeans just wouldn’t move along like they did at the start.


Great, right? It gets even better. After a bit of cyber-stalking, I found that Greg had posted an awesome Ironman finish line jump that I LOVED and put up today over at Flying Jump Kicks. Check it out.

If I wasn’t already at 10 boyfriends, he’d be on the list. I’m willing to start sharing at this point. Hit me up if interested, Ladies, and I’ll see what I can do.

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