Running Costumes with Denim – American Gothic Painting Runners

Looking for more costumes involving denim? Check them out. AmericanGothic

I <3 Race Directors

If you have websites that post pictures of people running in odd clothing, it is AWESOME to have a race director following your sites.

Ilana is race director for Run for Good Racing Company in Seattle, and she is always supplying me with material for this site and for Best Race Costumes.

From the Good Karma 5K in May:


From the Run Like the Wind Running Festival in June:

WindThanks, Ilana! Oh, and BTW, I’m still waiting for you to organize a Denim Dash, a Jorts and Jeans Jaunt, or a Jog in Jeans 5K. I’ll visit Seattle that weekend and be your #1 volunteer. Let me know so I can clear my schedule. 😉

Dear Sir, Your running gear could not be any more fabulous! Love, Me

Charla over at Running Haiku sent me this picture she took of a guy getting ready to run the Firecracker 5000 in Seattle on July 4, 2012.

I asked her if he knew she was taking the picture or if she pulled another stalker move and snuck the photo while he was…uh…praying? Her response:

“He knew. I had set my stuff down to put my bib on and saw him halfway across the field. Didn’t think before leaving everything there and sprinting to make sure I caught him. Tapped him on the shoulder and asked half way out of breath if I could take his picture. While I took it, I asked if he had heard of He said, “No.” I said, “Well, you might want to check it out because I have a feeling you might be on it in a couple of days.” Then I took off to see if my stuff was still there and kicked myself for not getting his name.”

Dearest Nameless Jorts-Wearing Runner,

Your running gear could not be any more fabulous! And I think you and this guy would be great friends. In fact, I think you and I would be great friends.


Your biggest fan

No question – THE coolest mom

Charla, from Running Haiku, is quickly climbing the ranks as’s favorite viewer. She writes me poetry, takes pictures of strangers at her gym in jeans, and even gets her mom in on jort-wearing fun:

Crazy Color Run
Coolest mom on Mother’s Day
Rockin’ her white jorts

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