Jogging in jeans recipe for deliciousness

What is the recipe for a truly GREAT jogging in jeans photo, you ask? The one that ensures deliciousness? Quit searching Pinterest for it – I have it right here for you:


1. Full length jeans

2. An action shot (yes, running, for those of you who are slow to catch on)

3. Above the waist nudity (hotness helps)

4. A belt with a ridiculously-sized belt buckle (Dan nailed this one. Where have you been, Dan?!)

5. Bare feet

6. Celebrity status


Add all ingredients to bowl. Stir. Scrape the sides. Lick the spatula. Stir again. Pour into prepared baking pan. Lick the spatula again. Lick the bowl. Bake.

And you get…Scott Eastwood

ScottEastwoodYIELD: 1. All for me.

If you are tempted to lick your screen. Go for it. I did. I am not ashamed.

Jeans required. No shirts allowed.

Edmonton Thunder Track and Field Club called it “Jeans 400.” The rules were clear:

It is simple, one lap of the outdoor track or two laps of the indoor track, from a standing start, wearing nothing but you most stylish jeans and footwear of your choice (spikes, runners, flats, work boots, slippers everything goes). NO shirts (ladies are allowed to wear a sports bra, if they choose to), no cut offs jeans, no synthetics, no knock offs. Jeans must be 100% full length denim. And of course the objective is to win! As in fastest time takes the title!

And the laugh out loud statement: Cause running in jeans makes you look extra fast!!

The dates say 2007. They called it an “inaugural” event. Emails went unanswered. readers are wondering if this awesome event is still around.

Shirtless jort jogging

Guys, ever wonder about the REAL rules to running shirtless? Look no further – the full guide is hereShirtless





The “+ More”

Thanks to everyone that weighed in on my Mad Men question. I started season 2.

Excuse me, Sir. Yeah, you in the jeans and mohawk, I love you.

Another BIG thanks to Michelle over at for her mad jean-spotting skills at races. This one is from Sunday’s Detroit Free Press Marathon.


Jeans? What jeans?


Shirtless buff guys IN JEANS

Part of me says, “Finally! An excuse to post pictures of shirtless buff guys on my site.”

The other part of me says, “What the hell kind of gym lets people workout shirtless and IN JEANS?!”




If you missed my previous post that had shirtless men in it, you can catch it here.

Exercising in jeans or jog of shame?



A guide to running shirtless

Attention, Runners, here is a handy guide for when it is and is not okay to run shirtless. For the ladies, shirtless is defined as a sports bra only.

1. It is NEVER okay to run shirtless in a gym. Unless it is a home gym in your basement.

2. If you have a smokin’ hot body, you can run shirtless outdoors.

3. If you don’t meet the qualifications of #2, you can run shirtless out of dire necessity (bloody nipples, overheating).

4. During races you can do whatever you want. The less clothes the better…the distraction does everyone a little good.

Glad I cleared that up, huh?

Thanks to @jhubes21 and @TheDolceDiet for these shirtless jean-jogging photos posted on Twitter:

I owe all the ladies something…

I spent a ridiculously long time scouring the internet for a picture of a guy working out in jeans that will erase the blemish on our brains from the previous post. In it, the men got a picture of a half-naked, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe and, let’s face it, us ladies got bupkis.

I found our eraser:

Danny who?

You are welcome, Ladies.

If you care, his name is Hrithik Roshan and he is an Indian actor.

Click picture for source.

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