0% chance that is comfortable

Fall is approaching! Get out those sweaters and jeans and get to the gym!

SweaterAnd this isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve seen sweaters in the gym before.

“There is much to learn from a person who runs in jeans.”

A comment left on my site yesterday by Odeus:

“Running or jogging jeans is all about transcending all the normal BS materials and rituals people think they need in order to run well.  It’s about being someone who will run whenever and wherever the moment strikes.  There is much to learn from a person who runs in jeans.”

Odeus, you are a wise wise man.

JeansRun(And a thanks to Jeff for today’s picture)

A “How to” Guide for Running a Denim-Themed Race

Today’s post is a guide on how to prepare for and run a in denim-themed race. The Inaugural Wingate Jorts Mile is being used as an exemplar because 1) it was INCREDIBLE and 2) someone…ahem… got her hands on a few more photos from the event!


















Thanks SO MUCH to my new friends at Wingate University.

I love you all more than you know!

No no no no no no no no.

For the runners that are itching to see people jogging in jeans, bear with me. I’m still busting with jean-in-the-gym photos that I must unload.

I only have one word for skinny jeans at the gym: NO!



Miley Takes Her Side Boob Out For A Nice Jog

Okay, so that is PopDust.com‘s title, not mine. And Miley Cirus probably ISN’T really jogging. But I thought I’d throw the male viewers a bone with some side boob in this pseudo jogging in jeans picture.

However, if you missed Miley Cirus’s legit jogging in jean pictures, you can see them here and here.

Wear skinny jeans, run the bases!

This is my idea of marketing brilliance:

The Brooklyn Cyclones are inviting Williamsburg’s bearded and skinny jean-ed set to Coney Island for their own special night at the ballgame, dubbed Williamsburg Night. This is going down on July 5th, and their flyer notes that any bearded fans receive special vouchers, and those wearing skinny jeans can run the bases after the game (source).

I hope there is video of this – lots and lots of video!

UPDATE: So sad to hear that the “run the bases” event was cancelled.

Weight lifting in skinny jeans

@MrVicenteTrill snapped this pic in the weight room of his gym of a guy resting between sets. I hear your collective groans. Really, I do.

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