Japris at the gym + More (Warning: + More is about vaginas)

A refresher: Jeans + capri pants = japris

Jogging in japris has been made famous by my denim-jogging friend, Danny, at the Sulphur Springs 5K and highlighted in this post. Oddly, we are seeing more and more of them at the gym:




The “+ More”

The great thing about not letting many people in my “real” world know about this site is that I can talk about vaginas and not worry about my mom all being all [gasp!] and clutching her chest.

Vaginas have been a recent theme for me.

1. I went for my annual gynecologist visit and a new doctor was added to the practice (the last one).



2. I looked at one of my favorite sweaters and noticed that there is a vagina on it. See it?


It is now my absolute favorite sweater.

3. Scott over at PirateBobCat saw a vagina on his run the other day and wrote about it here. Hands down, the weirdest thing seen on a run.

Any good vagina stories you want to share? Just kidding, I don’t want to hear about your vagina.

0% chance that is comfortable

Fall is approaching! Get out those sweaters and jeans and get to the gym!

SweaterAnd this isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve seen sweaters in the gym before.

If there wasn’t photographic evidence, I wouldn’t believe it.


Jogging jeans and a jogging sweater

From reader Jim:

“Saw this guy doing laps around Waneka Lake in Lafayette, CO. He was 3.6 miles in when this picture was taken. Ironically in an area known to have it’s fair share of cold winter days, it was about 60F when he decided to bust out the jeans and heavy sweater for his run.”


Jeans and sweaters at the gym!?

This working-out-in-jeans thing is getting A BIT out of control. Now we are seeing jeans and sweaters at the gym?!

“Gotta get a workout in before my meeting…”

…but there is no time to change into appropriate workout clothes, so I’ll just lift weights in my cable-knit sweater, khakis, and dress shoes.”


Thanks to Stealthy Sue who was able to snap his photo at her gym!

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