Couples that jog in jeans together, stay together

If a picture captures a man and woman running together in denim, it automatically wins the “Cutest Couple” award. The first pictures we have seen were both related to my new friends, Tracey and Andrew.

The first picture was submitted BY them and was taken at the Brian K. Betts 5K in Washington DC last May:

The second picture was OF THEM taken at the  Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon in Providence, Rhode Island last August:

And the latest submission comes from CJ ( blogger) and was taken at The Color Run in Washington, DC on May 19th:


What is it about this picture that warms my heart?

Dear adorable guy and gal who are so happy in your running jeans,

Your “Cutest Couple” award is in the mail. Keep on doing what you do.

Your biggest fan,


My favorite Baltimoreans (aka Jorts House Mafia) again!

If I ever travel to Baltimore, I am MOST CERTAINLY going to time my visit around a race being run by my favorite denim-wearing Baltimorean runners: aka Jort House Mafia. They’ve brought joy to me and viewers multiple times in the past:

There were green jorts and denim skirt overalls (!) along with drinking at the KELLY St. Patrick’s Shamrock 5K.

There were jorts and drinking at the Patterson Park Public Charter School: No Pain No Spain 5K.

There were jorts and NAKEDNESS (and I’m assuming drinking) at the the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5K.

While on vacation, I was alerted that they ran the Baltimore Color Run IN JORTS!




That heart Mike is flashing in picture #1? It is for me. So step off, Ladies. Seriously.

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