Little do you know that the other person in this tiny-ass gym took a picture of you in your jeans!

My new awesome job has me on the road A LOT. I am traveling mostly on the west coast and quickly learning the tricks and tips associated with being a road warriorette. One of my biggest challenges with my new lifestyle is keeping up with my workouts in tiny hotel gyms that usually have nothing more than a bench and a set up dumbbells up to 50 pounds. I try my best to make it work.

Occasionally, I am delighted by someone walking into these “fitness centers” and working out in – you guessed it – JEANS!




Jean Jogging + More (Vacation Cookies)



The “+ More”

Another thing about me and vacations: when I am on one, I go all out and do NOTHING mentally stimulating. My all-or-nothing-thing attitude declares, “If I can’t be productive, I am going to go into 100% chill out mode. ” I completely unplug, and I don’t watch TV or even read for that matter. My downtime is spent completely in my own head. It is glorious.

I also binge-eat. Pop-Tarts are one of my vacation treats.* We bought a 48 count at the Costco-esque store on the island last week. Go ahead and do the math: 2 people, 7 days, 48 Pop-Tarts. Surprisingly, I’m not sick of them.

Also on vacations I love trying out and devouring new-to-me cookies. I especially love cheap cookies. My unrefined palate just loves fake Oreos and those sugar wafer cookies that you probably only eat when you are visiting your grandmother. So when I vacation out of the country, my first stop is the cookie aisle of the grocery store. Here some of my favorite cheapo finds – that are left – from my most recent trip:

cookiesIf anyone from a far off country wants to send me your best cheap cookies, I’ll take them! Loyal followers from Moldova, Bahrain, and the Aland Islands, I’m talking to you.

If anyone wants to make me a cool “+ More” graphic to use when I write about not jean-jogging topics, I’ll take it!

* Who am I kidding? I eat Pop-Tarts all the time but not at vacation-level intensity.

Gym Jorts + More (A Vacation Lesson)





The “+ More”

I have said before that I am the happiest person you know. I am also the most Type A person you know. Carefree and fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants? I’m the opposite of that girl. It is so bad that I don’t enjoy vacations. “What!?” you say. Yes, you heard me correctly. Stopping life to go somewhere else and do nothing productive is torture for me. However, I do it because I know it is good for me (and maybe a lot because my husband makes me). Yes, I just said that my husband makes me go on vacations. I actually DO know how insane these words sound to you. I do.

With that said, my vacation to St. Maarten last week was as wonderful as a vacation can be for me. Below is a picture of me having fun with a new friend on Simpson Bay beach. He was a native to the island and, I think, was babysitting himself while his mom worked at a nearby hotel.

SAM_1299He was fascinated with my camera and made me take about 250 action shots of him; he had some killer water moves, dives onto a raft (makes great padding for landing), jumps, flips, and spin kicks. After each one, he would run to me to see the image on my camera and laugh and laugh with this contagious laugh that can only come from an 8 year old boy. It was awesome.

SAM_1318That afternoon my new little friend taught me an important lesson about the joy of being carefree. And it wasn’t terrible.

Me. Here. Relaxing. Resting. Happy.

See ya next week! Keep those pictures coming: JoggingJeans [@] gmail [.] com.



Me. Here. Relaxing. Resting. Happy.

I’ll be back soon! Keep those pictures coming: JoggingJeans [@] gmail [.] com.


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