How to practice fleeing a crime scene

Planning to commit a crime? Don’t have a partner to serve as a getaway driver? There is no better way to practice fleeing a crime scene than by running in jeans. I mean this HAS to be what these people are doing, right?



Everytime I come to workout at the gym the guy is here, doing a whole workout in jeans and vans. @peachyykeeen

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Old Man IN JEANS and Suspenders Love

You all know that I have a thing for cutie old guys at the gym, right? Put one IN JEANS and suspenders and I am in L.O.V.E.

SuspenderIf your heart also melts a little when you see this, here is another that was submitted awhile back for your viewing enjoyment.

Nothing screams, “I’m ready for an intense workout” like knee-length jorts at the gym.



Quit “rubbin’ on”* your damn phone


And, yes, those are jeans.


And, yes, those are jeans and boots.

*Name the reference for this phrase and I will think you are especially awesome. Hint.

Aren’t you hot and itchy?




NSFW: What can I even say?


Not always a judgement free zone





Japris at the gym + More (Warning: + More is about vaginas)

A refresher: Jeans + capri pants = japris

Jogging in japris has been made famous by my denim-jogging friend, Danny, at the Sulphur Springs 5K and highlighted in this post. Oddly, we are seeing more and more of them at the gym:




The “+ More”

The great thing about not letting many people in my “real” world know about this site is that I can talk about vaginas and not worry about my mom all being all [gasp!] and clutching her chest.

Vaginas have been a recent theme for me.

1. I went for my annual gynecologist visit and a new doctor was added to the practice (the last one).



2. I looked at one of my favorite sweaters and noticed that there is a vagina on it. See it?


It is now my absolute favorite sweater.

3. Scott over at PirateBobCat saw a vagina on his run the other day and wrote about it here. Hands down, the weirdest thing seen on a run.

Any good vagina stories you want to share? Just kidding, I don’t want to hear about your vagina.

I can judge them because of their choice of workout clothing but not because of their books.

You know why? Because I sometimes study at the gym between sets too. Physical AND mental gains, I say.





Running in jeans and socks + More (Mad Men opinions appreciated)




The “+ More”

MadMenCan we talk TV for a minute? Specifically, Mad Men? Who watches? I finished the first season last weekend and feel very ‘meh’ about it. The IMDB ratings are high and it wins awards every time I turn around, so part of me is saying, “Hang on and give it a little more time.” But the other part of me knows that if I cross into season 2, I am committed until the end. Does it get better? Opinions appreciated.

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