Miley, Miley, Miley…(sigh)

Minga alerted me to the fact that Miley is up to her old jogging in jeans antics. Seriously, Miley? We can excuse it once…but not twice:

A big thanks to Kleph @StrideNation who also sent the link to me – still loved even though a day too late to get first mention. 😉, Celebrity Edition

It isn’t just common-folk jogging in jeans, celebs do it too!

In the first picture, we have Andy Warhol on the left rockin’ some jogging jeans with Grace Jones, Bill Boggs, Manson Reese, Dina Merrill and Gordon Parks. h/t United Studio of Design for the photo.

I can’t comment on him because he is dead and a genius.

But Miley Cyrus jogging in cut-off jean shorts? We can laugh at her. 🙂

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