Welcome to the Jarty

The three little words I LOVE to hear?

“You were right.”

You should listen to me more, People. One, because I AM right a lot. And, two, because I like to hear those words.

I told you that you should all do your mud runs in denim. Turns out, it is so much fun that a new word has been invented.

WDWarriorDashHaving someone lift your leg while wearing short jorts is a bit dangerous, dontcha think?

…and we have time for one last caller.

Good afternoon, Caller. Do you have a question for me, the All-Knowing Running Expert?

Question Asker: I am an awesome runner but I want to take it to another level and be more awesome. What can I do?

Me: Consider running a half marathon in full length jeans and Chuck Taylors.

Question Asker: Um…I don’t know. It seems like that would slow me down.

Me: Wrong. A guy at the Alpine Classic Half on May 25th did it and his awesomeness level is off the charts. The power of denim helped him rock a second place overall finish.




And if you, Dear Readers, question my running credentials, Runner’s World’s Mark Remy says that you CAN run in Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. See for yourself.

BONUS: Josh was also representin’ at the Alpine Half in jorts:


Don’t know what to wear for your next obstacle race or mud run? Try JEANS!


Doug Smith ran the Devil Dash in Boulder City, Nevada last month. The Devil Dash is a 5K course featuring mud, barbed wire, and other obstacles. He wore Levi’s jeans and found that they helped avoid rope burns, cuts, and scratches during the obstacles.

He wrote to Levi’s: I finished with only a few minor abrasions. With just exercise clothes or shorts, those abrasions would have been bleeding lacerations from sharp rocks and parts of the obstacles I came in contact with. The 510s™ are excellent because of the tight fit. And given the stretch they have, they didn’t impact my ability to run or go over/under/through the obstacles.

I have worn that pair of 510s™ about 800 days now, over three plus years. They weren’t even damaged during the event, even though I was crawling on hands and knees in rocky sand and mud and scraping across ropes.

And the mud did not penetrate the outer layer or the jeans. I was clean on the inside!

Follow Doug’s lead. Wear jeans for your next obstacle race or mud run. And, as always, send me pictures of your muddy, denim-wearing self.

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