Denim is taking over my gym!

It happened again this morning. A ridiculous number of people showed up at my gym IN JEANS. Gym friend, Sarah, and I were the oddballs in exercise clothing.



3Sarah, aka Master of Stealth, is responsible for all of these pictures today.

UPDATE: Maybe Mary is right and Pittsburghers have lost their minds because of the snow. Today was the biggest snowfall day we have had all year. Right now, the view out my window:


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  1. It must be all the snow you got over there. It’s making the people of Pittsburgh lose their minds!

    • You MAY be right. I updated the post with the view out my window, right this very minute.

      • LOL – that’s awesome 🙂 We got lucky with just an inch so far. The roads are a slushy mess. Stay warm my friend!

  2. I thought of your blog last night watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix. One of the characters wears jeans to the gym.


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