Suck it, Pittsburgh Haters

Angela, over at FitFunMom, wrote a post awhile back where she said, “…sometimes people drive by my blog in their Google cars and deposit one-sided evidence that they’ve been here, leaving me wanting a chance to holler back after them. Now’s my chance to talk back to people who’ve reached the blog through the power of Google.”

I LOVED the idea, so I am stealing it  – sharing with you some of the search terms that brought people to

1. The boob themed searches:

  •    “big boob jogger”
  •    “jeans and boobs”
  •    “boob women in overalls”
  •    “boob out”

…..My response to the individuals behind these searches: Men are pigs.

2. The foreign language searches:

  •    “joggingspijkerbroeken”
  •    “joggy джинсы”
  •    “que son los jeans joggalor”

…..My response to my foreign friends: Um, wut?

3. The search terms that hurt my heart:

  •    “i hate pittsburgh”
  •    “Pittsburgh sucks”
  •    “why do people like shithole pittsburgh?”

…..My response to these absolute idiots: Suck it, Haters.*

4. The search phrases that made me smile:

  •    “hysterical website running in jeans”
  •    “+Jill +Pittsburgh funny jogging jeans”

My response to these people: I love you too.

5. The search terms with important questions:

  •    “is it okay to run in jeans” and “can I jog in jeans?” 
  •    “Will people laugh if I go to the gym in jeans?

…..Yes, yes, and yes.


*I will ignore any comments about the performance of our beloved Steelers.

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  1. Too funny! I need to do a similar post. I get a lot of lesbian hits based off one post I wrote about my sports massage (true, I couched it in a lesbian theme to be funny, but I didn’t realize it would draw such attention to my site. Such people must be sorely disappointed with what they find!)

  2. Mary

     /  September 23, 2013

    What is the fascination with boobs and jeans that trigger it as a popular Google search? I did not realize that was a fetish or something -LOL Great list Jill :0)

  3. Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

     /  September 23, 2013

    I don’t even really know what to think about the boob ones, honestly, and as a New Jerseyan can I just say I understand how it feels when everyone says your home sucks. They know nothing!

  4. Bahaha this is awesome. I love looking at the search terms that bring people to my blog! Sometimes I read them and think, “What the heck were you looking for?” (For example, “My surprise party for her was successful”–what were you hoping to find with that search??)

  5. I agree! Some of the oddest Google searches have brought people to my page. The funniest one was an obvious typo – someone must have been searching porn and typed CIM (on my blog that would be California International Marathon, but I’d don’t think that was what he meant…)

  6. That is hilarious but makes me kind of afraid to search what brings people to my blog 😉


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