Bret Michaels jogging IN JEANS

An anonymous person sent me the following picture of Bret Michaels running a race in jeans. When it was taken? Don’t know. What race? Don’t know. Regardless of the details, it is another addition to the growing collection.

I’m torn about something, Dear Readers:

Can Bret Michaels pull off running in jeans? Is he a badass? Read this post if you are new to this site.

Pros: Bret Michaels IS a rockstar, he did survive a brain hemorrhage, and he is a Pittsburgh native (it’s my city so I can make it a positive attribute if I want 🙂 ).

Cons: He participated in a reality dating show (did you watch even one minute of Rock of Love?), he spends too much time in tanning beds, and there are some pretty skank-tastic pics floating around on the internet.

What do you think?:

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  1. If he is a badass, then I run a 6:00 mile, and we KNOW that ain’t true! 🙂

  2. OK…so I posted to let you know that this IS NOT BRET MICHAELS…. Did it spontaneously disappear?? Or did you choose to ignore it?? I hope you are not choosing to ignore it, but are checking into the validity of the photo….as a fan of 28 years, trust me this just isn’t him…😱

  3. This is not Bret Michaels but an imposer!!!

  4. Um.. that isn’t Bret! As a fan of Bret’s for more than 20 years, I know him when I see him. That is NOT him. you might want to clarify your post.

  5. This is such an imposter and a very bad one at that really some reporter do your friggin research this guy don’t even look like the very gorgeous real Bret Michaels trust me when I say this is NOT! NOT! Bret Micheals.

  6. Just a heads up #MichaelsNation, #RoadDogNation and #BretMichaels fans everywhere are on their way to ask you to fix the facts of this photo, its NOT BRET MICHAELS…you made a mistake…that’s fine…chalk it up to a good prank and fix it…that’s y the photo was sent anonymously…

  7. beverly

     /  June 29, 2014

    That is NOT Bret. Real fans know that DOES NOT even come close.

  8. Houndnurse

     /  June 29, 2014

    First.. you should at least have the REAL Bret Michaels in the photo if you are going to post. Second.. The REAL Bret Michaels is BA no matter what he’s jogging in. This person looks nothing like Bret.


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